How today’s communities prepare for tomorrow’s floods.

Forerunner is your all-in-one tool to manage your Community Rating System (CRS) credits and save money on your town’s flood insurance premiums.

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Your community can accomplish more with Forerunner.

Save your team time

Forerunner was designed to streamline workflows and save you and your organization time.

Increase your resiliency

Our product makes it easier to understand and plan for activities that increase your communities resilence to flooding.

Reduce your insurance premiums

Participating and excelling in FEMA's CRS program is easier with Forerunner.

CRS documentation that you can understand

We’ve made it easy for you to understand the CRS program and all the activities associated with it, using human, easy-to-understand language. All of our documentation is writen by our CRS Expert so you know everything is accurate.

  • Simple descriptions
  • Difficulty ratings
  • Searchable
  • Required documents
  • Smart Calculators
  • Related activities
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Make your recertification process painless and error proof

Recertification comes fast. Our platform makes it easy to understand requirements, upload documents & files, collaborate with colleagues, and export your final recertification package.

  • Required documents
  • Invite your team
  • Email notifications
  • File uploads
  • Zipped downloads
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Plan your next discount level with our CRS Scorecard

Our Scorecard gives you a central dashboard to view your entire CRS program from. We'll help you understand the impact of your work and figure out what other activities to go after.

  • CRS scorecard
  • Activity breakdown
  • Element breakdown
  • Targeted savings
  • Recommended credits
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Forerunner is modern software for municipal governments

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No installation

Our product is cloud-based and doesn’t require installation. Get started on your favorite browser.

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No seat limits

Your license covers everyone in your organization, so your entire CRS team can utilize Forerunner.

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No stale software

We constantly improve Forerunner. Automatic updates mean you alway have the latest version.

Ready to use Forerunner in your community?

Forerunner is your all-in-one tool to manage your CRS program.